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Nothing is as essential as having a strong and capable roof over your head. Whether you run a business or are a proud homeowner, you must ensure your Dayton, Ohio, home is secure for your family and employees. It all starts with a durable roof.

We know that excellent roofing services are not always available in places like Fairborn, OH, which is why we have a locally-owned roofing business in Ohio to help fix all your roofing problems.

We have many roofing services available to all the people of Fairborn, Ohio, and Dayton, including commercial roofing and residential roof replacement. Our roofing contractors have been serving the people of Ohio for many years. We have experience in the industry, making us your best bet when it comes to any roof repair, maintenance, or replacement.

We offer a free estimate to business owners and homeowners all over Fairborn, Ohio, and Dayton allowing them to know which roofing materials and tools they need for their roofing system. Call us today for a review of your property and free estimates on all the services we have on our page.

What To Expect From Us

Here’s what you can expect from our Dayton, Ohio, local roofing company.

Highest Standard of Service Every Time

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services for our clients in Fairborn, Ohio, whenever they call us to do a project. We understand that our clients are in search of value when they come to MasterRoof Contracting, which is why we ensure they get it.

Our company maintains the same high-quality services from start to finish. Trust our roofing contractors for your exterior or interior construction project – you won’t regret it.

Roofing Contractors With Experience In The Industry

Our team has the best roofing materials, tools, and techniques to help you create a top-notch roofing system for your home or business. We have extensive experience working with commercial roofing clients within Fairborn, OH, Dayton, Ohio, and many other places near Ohio.

Our professionals tailor our solutions to each client’s needs. You won’t regret giving a job to us because we deliver above your expectations in all aspects of the job.

Prompt and Satisfactory Responses Whenever You Call

You know whether a company is worth working with by how they respond to your first inquiry. We are big on first impressions at MasterRoof and ensure that we create a lasting one when you engage us for the first time.

We also ensure that whatever information we share is helpful and actionable. We’re ready to answer your call at any time during your project.

High-Quality Roofing Services in Fairborn, OH

We do not compromise on the quality of the services we give to the people of Fairborn, Ohio, or any other place our company operates like Dayton and Springboro. Our roofing contractors are thorough and efficient in any exterior or interior roofing services or projects we commission.

Whether it is metal roofing, new roof installation, inspection, maintenance, or any other related home improvement project, our roofers will deliver an excellent job. If you want your gutter system or any other roof construction project done right, MasterRoof Contracting roofers are your go-to contractors. You can check out reviews to see that our roofing services are of the highest quality possible.

Help With Your Insurance Claims

Filing insurance claims is tedious and often unsuccessful. We make the work easier for our clients by working with insurance companies to help you restore your home to a habitable condition. Given the work and endless paperwork involved, we help our clients by talking to the insurance companies on their behalf.

Our vast knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance companies make it easy for us to negotiate a home remodeling deal for you after an accident. All you need is insurance coverage for the roof damage you intend to repair.

Home Improvement Financing Plans

We give everyone in Fairborn, OH, and Dayton, Ohio, a chance to improve the curb appeal of their home or business by offering financial plans for home improvement projects. If you want a facelift for your roof and don’t have the money now, we can provide you with a loan through our financial lending partners to make your dream come true.

That ensures that we do not lock out anyone who wants to repair or replace their roof but does not have enough money. Get in touch to learn more.

Use of Green Materials To Conserve The Environment

We’re committed to conserving the environment because we understand the importance of preserving our resources to save the planet. Our use of materials reflects this.

We strive to use green materials for our projects and avoid improper disposal of waste materials. Our business uses ethically sourced products to reduce environmental damage and carbon footprint.

Reward For Customer Referrals

We love customers who refer their friends and families to our company. We, therefore, offer them a cash reward of up to $100 when they introduce someone to our business because good people do not keep good things to themselves.

That is our way of giving back to loyal customers. The customers continue to shower our brand with great reviews and help us reach more people who need our excellent services in Fairborn, OH.

A Diverse Service Catalog To Cover All Your Roofing Needs

We have all the essential roofing services in our catalog. Whether you want an inspection, installation, or repair, you can request our crew of certified roofing contractors to come to your house and do it. Our company gives businesses and homeowners in Fairborn all services under one roof, saving them the time and money to search for individual services in different places.

Our Service Catalog

Roof Repairs

Our certified roofing contractors will repair your roof whenever you want and help improve your business or home’s curb appeal. Regular inspections can easily catch minor repairs that need fixing before they grow into big problems.

Having our roofers on call makes the repair work more manageable because you can call them whenever you see something is amiss. That keeps you safe from unnecessary replacements and ensures your building is secure to live in.

Roof Replacements

Sometimes a roof replacement is inevitable. These are times when the structure is broken, the ceiling is caving in, or there is so much water damage that the roof has started rotting. If you call us when your roof is in that condition, we will recommend a replacement and do an excellent job replacing it.

Once you have a new roof from our roofing contractors in Fairborn, OH, your home might not need any other new installation for a very long time. Our contractors invest time, effort, and expertise in any roof replacement service to save you from another one soon.


Metal Roofing

When you need a metal roofing installation in Fairborn, let us send a contractor to your business or home for high-quality services. Metal roofing is durable and common in commercial buildings all over Fairborn and Dayton. You will find it in garages, storage facilities, warehouses, and other similar business buildings.


Our shingle installation services are in high demand within Fairborn as most people prefer that for residential roofing. Besides the installation, we do repairs and replacements on business and home housetops where shingles are missing or broken. You can call us today and request a contractor near you to come and install them for you.


We also install and maintain gutters in homes and business buildings around Fairborn. The gutter system in any home plays as the drainage system that keeps your housetop dry and safe from water damage.

Our professionals can deal with any issues with gutters. Our contractors also repair, clean, and replace gutters near windows in case of damage. Maintaining your housetop drainage system is essential in keeping the roof sturdy and safe.


Our Ohio team also does roofing siding, which includes vinyl, wood, and even Hardie board siding. Shape and size do not matter when it comes to roofing siding because our team has the skills to make anything work. If you need any roofing siding in Ohio, call us and let us help you fix your business or home with proper roofing.

Commercial Roofing

We cater to businesses in different parts of Ohio like Dayton so that people can keep their items safe from damage. Our professional commercial roofing services include replacements, new housetop installations, repairs, and regular maintenance and inspection. We can handle roofing siding, gutter repairs, and many other remodeling commercial projects.

Residential Roofing

Our professional service reviews in Fairborn, Dayton, and other parts of Ohio that our services reach can tell you that we do an excellent job in residential roofing. Like in commercial roofing, we offer maintenance, repairs, and installations to homes around Ohio at a fair cost.

We will also clean your gutter system and fix your windows if they are in the way of your roofing system. While most people in Ohio prefer shingles for their roofs, some would like metal roofing. We work with our clients to find the best solution.


Solar energy is growing in popularity within Ohio and other neighboring towns because of its efficiency and affordability. We ensure that our Ohio people do not miss out on it by offering cost-effective solar installation services that cover everything from the beginning to the end.

Solar panel fixes are some of our highly effective roofing services in Fairborn. We’ll take you through the installation process and explain the benefits – get in touch!

Storm Damage

In Ohio, it’s essential to stay ready for things like windstorms and hailstorms. After a severe one has passed through your location, you will need our services to help fix your home and make it safe to sleep in.

A contractor from our team will give you a free estimate and consultation before they get to work and fix your home. If you have debris, wet leaves, water damage, leaks, or broken shingles, our crew will help restore your home to an even better condition.

Contact Us For A Free Estimate

With all the above roofing services, the people of Fairborn, OH, and Dayton cannot complain about roofing services insufficiency. We try to incorporate every essential service to help you keep your business or home looking great and feel safe for your family and business.

MasterRoof Contracting roofing service provider prides itself in serving Ohio by offering professional and affordable local roofing solutions to the people of Fairborn, OH, and Dayton. We will review your home and give you free estimates on what you need to fix in your gutter system, your housetop, and any other related issues.

We also enjoy serving the people of Fairborn, and from each review, you can tell they love us too. Call us now and let us send a contractor to your commercial or residential building construction site for an assessment.