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Looking for roofing contractors near Dayton, OH? Our Huber Heights roofing company is here to help with your home improvement project. Whether you have residential or commercial roofing work that needs to be done, we can handle it.

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Construction is a complicated process, and you need a professional roofing business accredited by the BBB with a good rating who knows how to keep your house safe. Take a look at the services we offer in Huber Heights, OH. We help homes and businesses across the county stay safe and dry from storms and bad weather.

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How We Serve Huber Heights, OH

As a BBB-accredited team of professional roofing contractors, we understand the importance of home improvement. It’s not just a remodeling project anyone can handle. Roofing services protect your home from severe weather and damage, reinforcing the structure against the elements.

The Level of Service You Deserve

We highly recommend looking for local contractors accredited by the BBB in your search for roofing services. As a customer, we know that price and quality rating are important factors for your projects. Insurance and warranties can cover some of the overall costs, which is why we aim to deliver high-quality service at a competitive price.

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Your Vision, Our Expertise

Home exteriors are an important part of home improvement, and other companies don’t see roofing services as a personal project. Roofing repair is more than just replacing shingles or cleaning the gutters. It’s about protecting your home or business from the elements and protecting your investments.

Ready to Go?

Give us a call and allow our team to handle the work! We’re ready and waiting to help you with your Huber Heights OH roofing project in Dayton, OH. From 7125 Old Troy Pike to Nebraska Ave in Dayton, OH, our business provides full coverage across the county.

Services we offer from Huber Heights to Dayton, OH

To provide the best service to our customers, we offer various services from repair to replacement to remodeling designed to restore your home or business to its full potential! No other general contractor prioritizes your needs as we do in Ohio.

Superb Service Countywide

Whether you seek services from Dayton or surrounding areas, you’re guaranteed to find the same level of quality roofing and dedication to your satisfaction with every project. Local roofing contractors in Huber Heights know how to prepare for the weather in the area, meaning they can best serve home and business owners in preparation for storms and severe conditions.

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No Cowboys – Only Experts

Our contractors are trained to deliver the highest-quality services to our customers so that they know their homes are in good hands. The roofers know the risks of different roofing materials and how to best repair and replace them for you.

Other companies may hire underqualified contractors to perform the work needed. Still, our business has received accreditation from the BBB based on our professional team of roofers and their qualifications in their craft.

Check out the variety of services we offer to all customers who contact us! When you give us a call, you know you’re speaking with a roofing contractor that provides multiple services with your well-being and safety in mind. From installing a new roof to asking for a free quote, our roofing contractors accredited by the BBB are perfect for your project in Ohio!

Commercial Roofing

Local companies and businesses provide invaluable services to the Huber Heights, OH community. We’re proud to do our part as a local contractor by helping these businesses continue to operate long-term. The structure of their businesses’ exteriors is just as important as the operations conducted within.

Making Your Business Our Concern

Most roofers will treat each project like any other job, without considering the direct impact it will have on your day-to-day business operations. Roofers who exclusively work with residential projects won’t have the same skill set necessary to complete a commercial project. As a company accredited by the BBB, our contractors are more than qualified to help businesses near Huber Heights, OH, with roofing projects from repair to replacement.

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Commercial Storm Repair

We know that a terrible storm can devastate the area, and businesses are not exempt from the repercussions of severe weather. The repairs necessary to get your company up and running again require a professional, experienced touch. Any experienced roofer would recommend hiring a local contractor who knows the area – that’s us.

Great Value

If you’re a business owner in Huber Heights, OH, give us a call! We can help you replace your roof at a lower cost than another general contractor in the 45424 area. When you hire one of our roofing contractors, you’re working with a professional who puts the needs of your business first. That’s why you’ll see such a high rating with our BBB accreditation!

Residential Roofing

Your roof doesn’t just protect your house; it protects your home. We pride ourselves on our high rating with the BBB due to our work with homeowners like you. You’re more than a customer of our team of professional construction contractors; you’re one of us. Wherever you are across the 45424 area, you won’t find another roofing business that has your back as we do.

Year-Round Protection

Our professional roofing contractors in Huber Heights, OH, strive to ensure that the exteriors are secure and prepared to handle what Mother Nature throws at them. Construction doesn’t happen overnight, so we highly recommend choosing a general contractor you can trust to work with you through the entire process of restoring your roof to its full potential.

Severe Weather Experts

Other companies serving the area can leave you without the necessary protection you need for your home. Our contractors do a great job of prepping your home for severe weather conditions that could cause water damage. We’ll work with your insurance company to ensure you get the most out of your warranty at an affordable cost.

Your Home is Our Priority

Across Huber Heights and Dayton, OH, you won’t find another business of roofing contractors dedicated to treating your roof like it’s their own. Our team of professionals will get the job done right. That’s how we earned our rating with the BBB, and that’s how we plan to serve you and your family. Give us a call for free estimates on all your roofing needs in Ohio!

Roof Repairs

Shingles don’t last forever! Any professional roofer can tell you that shingles wear down over time and can be torn off by strong winds. Repairs can be done to extend the life expectancy of your roof at a lower cost, saving you money on a new roof!

Save Money Over Time

Sometimes, only a portion of the roof will need to be repaired. Home exteriors tend to be sturdy, meaning you won’t necessarily spot critical problems at a glance. Inspections guard against this.

Repair Now

Serving the 45424 Ohio community means offering free estimates to those in search of roofing contractors in Huber Heights and Dayton. You can’t beat a company of roofing contractors accredited by the BBB with a good rating and positive reviews! Reach out to your insurance company to see what they cover before contacting us so we can go over related matters in confidence.

Full Roof Replacement

Is the cost of roof repair too great? A full roof replacement may be in order! Believe it or not, the price of a new roof can be less than repairs if the situation is dire. Construction can be expensive, but our contractors would highly recommend a quality installation in some cases.

Swift Installation

We service the Dayton and Huber Heights, OH area with roofers who are passionate about their craft. Construction isn’t easy, but it isn’t a burden you need to bear. We’ll have the work completed in no time when you leave it all to our qualified roofing contractors.

Wide Choice of Materials

When replacing your roof, there are a variety of roofing materials to consider. You can install standard asphalt shingles or opt to invest in more durable materials like slate tiles and metal sheets. Our roofing contractors can discuss the pros and cons of the materials you can choose from so you can make the best decision for your home!

Part of how we earned our rating with the BBB is due to our dedication to our customers. That means we search for the best way to service your home improvement project and other related roofing work in Dayton and Huber Heights, OH. We offer free estimates upon request for any roofing job in the 45424 Ohio area.

Solar Panel Installation

Ready to make your roof a little greener? You might think that Huber Heights, OH isn’t the best place to install solar panels, but you’re wrong! Ohio gets a lot of natural light that can be converted into power for your home or business. While installing solar panels isn’t a new service, it’s more affordable than ever for homeowners and business owners alike.

We can definitely have a roofer install panels at your discretion, whether you want the older, bulkier models that sit on the roof or the newer models that blend in almost seamlessly. Both have received positive review after review for their benefits to the environment and business.

Get innovative with your roofing contractors and discuss options that will also provide a service to the community. It’s our job to take care of your home or business in Ohio, which means we get the rare opportunity to provide a service to the people and the environment.

Storm Damage Repair

Heavy storms can wreak havoc on your Dayton and Huber Heights, OH home. Powerful weather scenarios can easily rip apart your structure, including the roofing. As a BBB-accredited company, we make it our mission to repair and restore your home after storms, from gutters to gables.

Whether your gutters have torn off or water damage has seeped in through excess pooling on the surface of your business, our roofing contractors have you covered. Our emergency storm damage service will get back on your feet in no time.

Gutter Installation

Don’t let ice dams dim your holiday season in Huber Heights, OH! In cooler weather, your gutters need to be up to snuff. With our gutter installation service, you know your roof will drain properly all season long.

The better rating a gutter has, the better protected your home is. We make it our business to ensure your gutters are installed properly so you can avoid expensive water damage repairs later.

Get in touch for gutter services or to have new gutters installed.

Why choose MasterRoof Contractors LLC for your home improvement project?

We take pride in serving the areas near Huber Heights and Dayton, Ohio. Local businesses and homeowners are more than satisfied with the results of their roof remodeling when they contact us.

BBB-Accredited Roofing Business in Huber Heights

BBB accreditation (Better Business Bureau) doesn’t happen overnight. The bureau values the dignity of its logo – it’s not a regular site for reviews. Seeing the BBB logo with an A+ rating next to it is the highest recommendation you can get – along with our consistent 5-star reviews across the BBB website.

A+ is the highest level the BBB awards. You know that you can trust a roofing business with such an excellent rating plus tons of superb reviews on Google.

We love to talk about our rating because we love it when our customers stay in touch. Many a customer has left lovely reviews about the work completed on their home. You can search through each review and the positive rating they left for our BBB-accredited business because we believe in transparency with our customers!

You know you’re working with a BBB-backed business that puts you first. Work with MasterRoof Contractors LLC.

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