Are Shingles More Expensive Than a Metal Roof? (Metal Roof vs.
Shingles Cost)

If you’re currently seeking out roofers in Dayton, OH for your next home improvement project, you might be torn between going with metal or shingles. These options both have unique appearances and vary in strengths and weaknesses. However, a significant factor
for most homeowners often comes down to the cost difference.

Keep reading for insight into the cost differences between the two materials, both short
and long term, as well as how to determine the best option for you.

Cost Differences Short-Term

Typically, a metal roof will cost more to install than a classic shingled one. This comes down to the material itself being more costly and the amount of labor/skill needed to install it. Unfortunately, the price can be double or even triple the amount. Additionally, the labor costs follow the same trend.

This price difference will vary depending on the roofer in Dayton, OH you hire to oversee the project. It’s recommended to find Dayton, Ohio roofers to get exact estimates before committing. The pricing will also be influenced by the size and complexity of your roof as well.

If you’re seeking a short-term, cheaper option to finish a home, it may be beneficial to
consider asphalt shingles instead.

Cost Differences Long-Term

The expenses might be daunting when comparing asphalt and metal. However, if you’re willing to think long-term, it may not be as expensive as you imagine. For starters, metal is a more durable material which makes it more effective against strong weather, so you won’t need to call in roofers in Dayton, OH, as often.¬†

Roofs made of metal are expected to last over twice as long as asphalt and require less maintenance. They offer resistance to wind, fire, and other extreme weather conditions. Besides the occasional check-up, these roofs typically won’t need the same level of repairs, and you won’t need to call roofers in Dayton, Ohio for a replacement as quickly.

Asphalt shingles, in contrast, will last for a much shorter timeframe and are more prone to need repairs and get damaged. They also offer a lot less protection against temperature changes and intense storms. You can save money by cutting out these maintenance needs and having to replace the system less often.

The Best Option for You

Because homeowner and commercial property needs vary as well as budgets, it’s recommended you reach out to local roofers in Dayton, Ohio to get a professional opinion on what pricing and benefits you can expect.

Most websites will contain a section to request an estimate and allow you to give some insight into what stage you are in and the exact difference to expect in terms of cost. Labor will vary per company, so it’s recommended to do some research and call around.

Final Thoughts

The type of material you choose to pursue will ultimately come down to preference and budget. If you are okay making a larger investment upfront for savings down the line, a metal roof is likely the better option. However, if not, you should anticipate planning for an asphalt roof.