DIY Roof Replacement vs. Professional Roofing Replacement

DIY projects can be fun and beneficial to improving your home. However, you may want to consider whether roof replacements are a good candidate for your next DIY project. Here are some factors to consider when you’re unsure whether to call in the professionals or handle a roof replacement alone. 

Saving Money

It’s no secret that replacing an entire roof is expensive but necessary. Of course, prices will always vary depending on the system, materials, and company you choose. But a considerable portion of the final price is labor. By cutting out payments to a company for roofing in Dayton, OH, you could save money initially. 

However, it’s important to note that there’s a guarantee of quality service when you pay professionals. When you’re doing it yourself, what you spend on materials may be wasted if something goes wrong. A botched DIY job also may cancel the warranty. 

When a DIY project goes awry, you’ll need to call in professional roofers in Dayton, Ohio. They will charge what it would have in the first place, although possibly more if they need to go back and fix your mistakes from the DIY attempt. So you’ll end up paying everything for the DIY materials plus what the Dayton, OH roofers charge. 

Verdict: DIY replacements cost less upfront. But if anything goes wrong, you may end up paying even more for professional Dayton, OH roofers to fix your mistakes than you would have paid for a professional replacement in the first place. 


Replacing roofing in Dayton, Ohio, is dangerous, even for professionals. There are many causes of roofer-related accidents that end in injury and even death. However, professionals have the training, experience, and equipment to minimize the risk. 

As a homeowner, you don’t have any of these things, leaving yourself at significant risk of injury or death. 

Verdict: No question about it — only professional roofers in Dayton, Ohio, have all the equipment and expertise to ensure a safe roof replacement. 

Technical Expertise

When replacing your roofing in Dayton, OH, speed is critical. That’s because as soon as you start removing pieces, your home is open to the elements. When you DIY, you may lack the experience to work quickly and efficiently. If you want to get the job done right, you’ll inevitably spend lots of time going back to videos and articles, spending more time researching than working when something goes wrong. 

Professionals have the technical expertise to ensure you’re getting the best results quickly. And the best ones will offer a warranty to backup. So whereas you’re stuck with your DIY accomplishments and mistakes, you can have any errors fixed and the costs covered when hiring Dayton, OH roofers. 

Verdict: Dayton, OH roofers know how to get the job done well and efficiently, keeping your home protected from the elements while getting a roof that will last, all backed by a warranty. 

Call Professional Dayton, Ohio Roofers  

Your home and your safety are too important to leave to inexperienced replacing. When you need a replacement, it’s time to call for professional services for your roofing in Dayton, OH