How to Fix a Leaking Roof from the Inside

A leaky roof can cause a massive amount of damage to your home if left unchecked. What can start as a steady drip in a bucket can lead to mold, water damage, a sagging roof, and more. 

If your roof is leaking, try and fix it from the inside. While it won’t be a permanent fix, it will buy you some time until Dayton, Ohio roofers come out and locate the source. They will then be able to fix the problem at its roots.

Here are the steps Dayton, OH roofers recommend you take to fix your leaking roof.  

1. Move Quickly 

When you notice a leak, do not ignore it. If left untreated, the damage will only increase, creating a vulnerability in your roof structure that will make it susceptible to catastrophic damage in severe weather. 

Roofing in Dayton, OH has to withstand heavy rainfall, winter storms, and more. A small attic leak can seep into the walls and ceiling to infiltrate the very foundation of your home. This is why time is of the essence. Reach out to roofers in Dayton, Ohio for repair service. 

2. Start at the Top 

First, head to the attic. You’ll want to get as close to the leaky source as possible. Be sure to navigate it carefully because a misplaced step onto Sheetrock or an area that has been compromised by a leak can cause a cave-in. The attic may not be well-lit, so bring a flashlight with you. 

3. Find the Source

Next, look for an angle of water flow or drip patterns to find the source. You may find puddles or standing water near where the leak has started. Dry up any water and then place a bucket to collect water. Scan for damaged insulation and try to remove it and dispose of it outside. 

Removing insulation will help prevent mold growth and keep mold spores from infiltrating the ventilation system. This might be hard to do on your own, so don’t hesitate to contact roofers in Dayton, OH for help. 

4. Patch it Up

If you are lucky, the leak may be small and easily managed. Go to a hardware store and find some plywood, a putty knife, and roofing tar. You can use these to fix small holes in roofing in Dayton, Ohio.

Start by spreading the tar with the putty knife directly over the hole. Once it is completely covered, place the plywood on the tar. Then, put even more tar on top to hold the patch in place. 

Dayton, OH roofers recommend this if you are unable to seek immediate assistance. Ultimately, this is a quick fix and a professional should be brought in soon. 

5. Track the Leak 

Once the leak is patched on the inside, you have to find the issue on the outside. You will need to track where the leak is coming from to accurately approximate where the hole is on the outside. Dayton, Ohio roofers can help with the exterior inspection, especially since traipsing on your roof can be dangerous. 

Consider a Replacement 

Hopefully, those steps will be enough to save your roof. However, if you have frequent issues with roofing in Dayton, OH or find yourself searching for leaks often, you may need a full replacement. If the issue is a leak, the replacement may even be covered by insurance. Consider a roof replacement with the help of experts in roofing.