How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Roof

Your roof isn’t something you check every day, so it’s hard to know when you may need a replacement. Most roofers in Dayton, Ohio, recommend checking your structure at least twice a year to inspect for any signs of potential damage. Locating problems early will not only reduce the risk of danger, but it will also save you money too.

However, climbing onto the roof is not advisable, especially if the homeowner is not a professional roofer.

So, how do you know what to look out for while also staying safe? Here are four signs that Dayton, OH roofers advise homeowners to look out for:

1. Water Damage

Signs of water damage can often be mistaken for other problems within your household. If you find damp patches in the corners of your room, or spot mold and mildew growth on the ceiling, you might think you have a leak through the window after heavy rainfall. 

However, while this may be true in some cases, it’s imperative not to rule out roof damage. You should call your Dayton, Ohio roofers to inspect your roof to see if it has a crack or a hole. Even the most minor leaks can grow into something more severe if not checked out immediately. 

2. Loose Roof Tiles

During your annual maintenance check, your roofing in Dayton, OH contractors will look for loose roof tiles. They will do this by stepping on them to check their state, and if they are loose, they will assess the severity of the damage. The looser they are, the more likely you’ll need a roof replacement rather than just repairs. 

Not replacing loose roofing in Dayton, Ohio is exceptionally dangerous. The longer you leave it, the weaker it will get, resulting in it caving in eventually.

3. Adverse Weather Conditions

Ohio can experience severe weather conditions, with its peak tornado season occurring from April until July. If your roof is old, it will be more at risk of damage during these months. However, newer structures are just as at risk of storm damage. 

If your roof has experienced problems due to severe weather conditions, you may need a replacement. In this instance, you should call upon your Dayton, Ohio roofers to assess the devastation and provide solutions to ensure the safety of your structure.

4. The Age of Your Roof

Typical asphalt shingles will last between 15 and 25 years. Roofs installed and ventilated properly can last slightly longer. Structures in areas with higher wind and storm levels may not last that long due to constant wear and tear. 

If you know your roof is coming up to the end of its lifespan, chances are you’ll need to call in your Dayton, OH roofers for an inspection. They’ll be able to tell you if your roof needs replacing due to its age.

Look After Your Roof

Knowing the signs of a roof replacement is essential in keeping you and your family safe. Call your roofers in Dayton, Ohio, immediately if you suspect any damage.