How to Properly Inspect Your Gutters

The best Dayton, Ohio roofers don’t just fix your gutters – they show you how to inspect and maintain them in the long term. Follow this simple step-by-step guide to take control of your roofing in Dayton, OH.

Gutter Repair for Roofing in Dayton OH: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Set Dates Each Year

According to Dayton, OH roofers, inspecting your gutters twice a year is the best practice. Winter is the season where the most damage is likely to occur, so you should make a note in your calendar to inspect your gutters just before and just after the winter.

A late autumn inspection allows you to remove the heavy leaf debris from the Fall, and check for damage from seasonal high winds. Inspecting when the weather starts getting warmer helps you identify leaks or cracks that might have occurred due to water freezing and expanding.

2. Remove Debris By Hand

Put on some heavy-duty gloves and remove leaf mulch and other debris that might have accumulated. Get as much of this out as possible by hand – it’ll ease the burden on your hose. This is also a great way to get rid of twigs protruding from pipes, which can easily cause blockages by allowing leaves to build up.

Pro-tip from roofers in Dayton, OH: if you have room to take a bucket up the ladder with you, this will save you a clean-up job on the ground later.

3. Use a Hose to Remove Small Debris

Get a long garden hose and spray your gutters down. This will remove smaller debris and clean your gutters out. You may need to unclog the grill of your drain once or twice – this is a great job for your kids, as it saves you a trip down the ladder!

You can keep using the hose while performing the next steps, as simulating rainfall is the best way to check for faults in your roofing in Dayton, Ohio.

4. Check for Blockages and Leaks

When water is flowing down the gutter from the hose, have someone on the ground let you know if water is flowing freely or if there are any visible leaks. These could be present in horizontal or vertical piping – check every angle.

If water isn’t flowing freely, there might be blockages. These can sometimes be addressed with a plumber’s snake or even a powerful burst of water.

5. Check the Gutter is in Place

Ensure that the gutter hangers or spikes are holding it close to the roof. If any of these are loose, you’ll need to re-attach or replace them.

6. Make Sure the Gutter is Sealed

Any areas that appear to be leaking need to be examined. Sealant for roofing in Dayton, OH can be applied where it’s worn away, but significant cracks or holes may call for replacement sections.

Contact Dayton OH Roofers for Gutter Repairs

Most gutter problems can be fixed without having to call roofers in Dayton, Ohio. However, if you’ve noticed significant damage or a blockage you can’t fix, it’s well worth calling professional roofing in Dayton, OH services.