What Grade of Shingle is The Best?

Natural disasters and unpredictable weather can strike at any moment. So, ensure you protect your roof with the suitable shingle grade from your Dayton, Ohio roofers. 

But, which grade of shingle is best for you? This short guide will give you insight into which shingle grade is suitable for your residential or commercial roofing project. 

Asphalt Shingle Builds by Roofers in Dayton, OH

The foundations of asphalt shingles are comprised of mats or backing material. The backing consists of fiberglass or cellulose material, with fiberglass being the most common material. 

Asphalt mixtures are built on another level, which is supported by these foundations. Then, to top it off, mineral granules are sprinkled on top to protect the shingle from direct sunlight. 

There are three marked levels of shingle grade: good, better, and best.

Good Shingle Grade – Strip 

A good grade is the most common and inexpensive type of shingle. These are known as 3-tab shingles or strips. 

Strips possess a single layer of asphalt and hold a more flat aesthetic. Their single layers allow for a lighter and cheaper cost-benefit. Homebuilders generally use these types of shingles for homes that require less attention and management of the roof. 

They are also used on homes previously possessing strips and need a simple replacement or patch-up job. 

Roofers in Dayton, Ohio can distribute these materials at a low cost. They’re also pretty easy to use, allowing for DIY projects when necessary. 

Better Shingle Grade – Dimensional 

The better shingle grade, also known as the dimensional or laminate shingle, is the most widespread form of shingle. These typically consist of two or more layers bound together to create a stronger material. 

These fusions comprise two or more layers to compile a multi-layered appearance, showcasing a thicker and multi-dimensional look. These are typically engineered to replicate natural slate roofing or a wood slate appearance. 

With that said, they are naturally heavier than strip shingles. Your roofer in Dayton, OH may recommend their heavier weight and form and allow for more extended warranty protection

Best Shingle Grade – Luxury

Many Dayton, Ohio roofers source and lay luxury shingles. This material is known as the highest grade and comes with a higher price tag as well. These materials offer a unique appearance and intend to reflect an opulent appearance. Their purpose is to provide a classy aesthetic while providing peak durability. 

They offer premium protection and are the heaviest, most durable level of material. They provide multiple layers that protect against weathering. Your roofers in Dayton, OH can provide these materials to help represent quarried slate roofing and old-world wood-shake. 

These materials provide stunning visuals and perfect coloration. The multi-layered foundation offers a much heavier but far more durable material for roof replacement. 

Find High-Quality Shingles for Your Home 

Dayton, Ohio roofers can provide the roof you desire, whether it’s simple patching or a luxurious new look. 

If you want more information about which materials will best suit your home’s needs and your vision, contact your local contractors and learn more about the options available to you.