Which Shingle Brand is Best?

The right shingle brand can help revitalize your home and protect against natural disasters. But what brand is the best? The roofers in Dayton, Ohio know best when it comes to matching the best shingle for your home. Of course, if you have a particular brand in mind, you can see who has the brand you’re looking for. 

If you want to know what the biggest names in the industry are to keep an eye out for, this short guide will give you all you need to know about the best shingle brands on the market. 

What Are the Different Kinds of Shingle? 

There is a wide range of shingle materials that serve different purposes. The first step in choosing the right brand is to think about design and materials because certain brands specialize in different types. 

Shingles and paneled roofing are two of the most common choices among residential tenants. But, longevity is equally essential. In addition to great aesthetics, durability will allow your shingles to last for many years. 

So when you want to know what kind of shingle material options you have to choose from, here are some of the most common:

  • Asphalt Shingles
  • Metal Roof Shingles
  • Slate Shingles
  • Wood Shingles

If you’re unsure which of these suits your roof, speak with your roofer in Dayton, OH

Top 3 Shingles Brands for Roofers in Dayton, OH

1. CertainTeed

CertainTeed is a top choice for luxurious shingles. As one of the largest distributors of shingles, you’re sure to find something you like. 

CertainTeed is known for its ability to replicate the aesthetic of a slate shingle while retaining the durability of an asphalt shingle. CertainTeed offers versatility with a dependable material.

In addition, if you hire CertainTeed certified Dayton, Ohio roofers, you will qualify for a non-prorated lifetime warranty. 

They offer shingles in a wide range of colors, making them perfect for styling your house to precisely your liking. 

2. Owens Corning

Owens Corning is known for their impressive commercial roofing. They offer commercial, architectural, and luxury roofing materials for all designs. Their dimensional shingle lines compensate for their less luxurious items. 

Be sure to hire a professional commercial roofer who is insured to guarantee your installation is up to standards. If you install an entire roofing system under certification, they will offer a 45-year warranty. This warranty should last the lifespan of the shingles.

3. GAF 

The roofers in Dayton, Ohio, also recommend GAF as a specialty commercial and residential roofing brand. Among their selection is an architectural, 3-tab, and luxury asphalt shingles. 

GAF is one of the more popular brands in American residential roofing because of its impeccable asphalt shingle lines. In fact, GAF was one of the pioneers of architectural asphalt shingles. 

Since its induction into the shingles market, other companies have begun replicating their style. Thus, Dayton, Ohio Roofers trust the GAF brand for top style and quality. GAF also provides a 45-50 year warranty that covers the lifelong span of the shingles materials. 

Find Top Brands from Your Roofers in Dayton, OH

Dayton, Ohio roofers are equipped with all the skills you need to patch up your new roof, but materials are just as important. If you need a new roofing system, ask your roofer about these top brands to get the most of your investment.