What Is the Best Roofing Material?

If you are looking to replace your roof soon, be careful of your chosen materials! Your choice now could make or break the lifespan of your new roof. 

Below are some of the most critical factors in choosing the best materials. Read on for more information on what type of material is right for you!

How Does a Roof Material Affect Your House?

Your roof is one of the first things that others notice about your home and a significant factor in your home’s market value. 

It is vital that you take good care of your roof and choose the best materials for your situation so that you avoid needing repairs and replacements prematurely. 

Some of the biggest factors that your roof material impacts include the following: 

  • appearance
  • longevity of roof
  • energy efficiency
  • resistance to damage

How a material performs in any of these categories depends on the type of roofing material.

Types of Roofs


Metal roofing in Dayton, OH, is a highly durable and lightweight option. Because it comes in large sheets for installation, it helps your home be resistant to strong winds and leaks in a way that shingle tiles are not. 

If you want a metal roof without a sheet metal appearance, there are still options for having metal shingles installed. 

Metal roofs can also be a cost-effective method of roofing in Dayton, Ohio because they tend to last longer than shingles and require less maintenance than asphalt shingles. 

Shingle Flat 

Flat asphalt shingles are a great option that Dayton, Ohio roofers use as a go-to option. 

They provide a very modern and sleek appearance to your home and are available in various colors that you can match to the rest of your home’s exterior. 

Flat shingles are laid out together in an interlocking pattern, making them more susceptible to breakage and cracking. 

However, because they are flat and locked together, they are more aerodynamic and resistant to wind damage.

Shingle Rounded 

Rounded shingles have a similar interlocking pattern as flat shingles and are made of the same asphalt material. 

However, they have a more barrel and wave-like appearance once in place. This wavy material is very attractive and a very popular choice, but it has very little resistance to cracking and breaking. 

It is also not aerodynamic, so the shingles are susceptible to wind damage and will likely need annual repairs

Cedar Shake Roof 

Cedar shake roof is a unique type of material used by roofers in Dayton, Ohio, that they add onto your roof in thin layered sheets. 

A cedar shake roof is lightweight and beautiful and gives a rustic appearance. However, it is very susceptible to damage and breakage because of its delicate nature. 

It is a beautiful option but will cost extra maintenance and upkeep charges.

Final Thoughts

When deciding what type of roof to install, you should always consult your Dayton, OH roofers for professional advice. 

If you know you live in a part of Dayton that has more severe weather, then you should think about investing in a more durable and low-maintenance roof. 

Otherwise, use the information listed here to make the best decision for you!