What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a Home in Dayton, Ohio

When purchasing a house, it is essential to inspect the home from top to bottom. The roof should be in tip-top shape to ensure safety and security. When buying a home in Dayton, Ohio, there are essential factors to consider. Here, we review the sage advice from veteran roofers in Dayton, Ohio, on what they would look for during a professional inspection to ensure the homebuyer gets a solid roof over their heads. 

Roof Age 

The first thing to look for in a roof is age. You can ask the seller directly or request the paperwork showing the roof installation date. If that information is not available, you can look for signs of aging, such as mold, curly edges, or bulges. Any worn spots or missing shingles can also indicate age. 

Experienced Dayton, OH roofers will tell you a good roof can last decades, but even a good roof needs replacement. An older roof will require replacement relatively soon, so it would be an expense and potential bargaining chip to consider when buying a home. 

Ventilation System and Roof Leaks 

Without proper ventilation, mold can quickly form. Ensure there is a system that permits air circulation to avoid stagnant moisture. 

Proper ventilation can ward against leaks as well. Leakage is common in plumbing vents, chimneys, and valleys. 

Seepage and Canal System

Drainage pipes along the roof can indicate a roof’s overall condition. Check the gutters, drainage pipes, and downspouts. It can be dangerous to check these, so ask experts in roofing in Dayton, OH, for an inspection. Homebuyers also can ask the seller to pay for or furnish proof of the inspection. 

Mold and Damp Areas

Mold may form under floors, between walls, and in the roof’s crevices. It thrives in dark, wet areas, making the layers between roof shingles a prime habitat. Mold is often a direct response to poor ventilation. 

It is not enough to remove visible mold on the roof. Dayton, Ohio roofers can tell you that you have to find the source, or else it will simply return. A leaky roof can reach the drywall, rugs, and more to cause severe damage. 

A moldy roof is not only bad for aesthetics, but it can also cause serious health risks. Many roofers in Dayton, OH, will use infrared cameras to inspect for mold and leakage to eliminate this risk. 


The downspouts should be released into stormwater wells instead of dumping directly onto the ground. If water is not draining correctly, it can cause flooding and other issues. 

Inspect the downspout for excessive water flow from the rooftop because it can indicate the soak wells are not a good fit. If this is the case, a costly cleaning process or replacement could quickly be necessary. 

The Bottom Line 

Never buy a home without a professional inspection from top to bottom of the roofing in Dayton, Ohio. If you are in the executory period of your contract, chances are you could cancel or seek repairs from the seller. Contact Dayton, Ohio roofers for professional assistance before you commit.